Refusing The Prompting Of The Holy Spirit To Witness

All of have been reprimanded by the Holy Spirit when we refuse the opportunity to share Christ. We all get that “nudge” when we ignore His leading. It’s hits us right in the gut that we’ve turned down that opportunity, but if we’re sincere about it, we vow to never miss another opportunity. We pledgeContinue reading “Refusing The Prompting Of The Holy Spirit To Witness”

The Rush To The End Of The End Times

The coming of the Lord is drawing closer. BUT THE END ISN’T YET!!! Jesus told us that we’re to watch. Don’t get tired of this subject. This isn’t the time to get tired and turn over and sleep some more. This means to pay attention. Since COVID and an economic shut down, we’ve been forcedContinue reading “The Rush To The End Of The End Times”