Christian Nationalist To Semi Fascist

When it comes to describing a group or person, there’s no lost for words. When Roe v Wade was remanded back to the states, the narrative of “activists” wasn’t enough. A draft of the majority opinion penned by justice Alito was leaked. And that the word “abortion” isn’t in the text of the Constitution. AnContinue reading “Christian Nationalist To Semi Fascist”

The Death Of The United States

HERE LIES IN HONORED GLORY, THE United States. Most don’t believe that the end of this nation will ever happen. We live in such an insulated bubble that we’re convinced that nothing will happen. The violent times that happen in every nation is to keep men from God. Many are praying that these things willContinue reading “The Death Of The United States”

Minister, Activist, Politician, or All Three?

There’s thousands of ministers that wear many hats. I believe that there are very few that the Lord allows to engage in these areas in addition to their primary call by the Lord into the ministry. Then there are others that have no business engaging in other areas and make a big mess. In theContinue reading “Minister, Activist, Politician, or All Three?”