Does Prayer For Deliverance Work?

For years, many have come for prayer. Healing and deliverance prayer lines have been in play. The results speaks for itself. First, the Scriptures, then my thoughts. My thoughts will NEVER usurp the authority of the Scriptures. And your response to the final authority of the Scriptures is the only thing that matters. James 5:13-18Continue reading “Does Prayer For Deliverance Work?”

End Time Revival

Years ago, many preachers have signaled that there would be a revival to end all revivals. Wide spread healings, signs, wonders, and miracles that would usher in more people into the kingdom of God BEFORE the rapture of the church. Many have used various Scriptures connected to the early and latter rain as revelatory indicatorsContinue reading “End Time Revival”

Stopping God From Reopening

For the last few weeks, in particular, NYC, many denominations have kept houses of worship closed due to the COVID pandemic. A few months ago, over 30 COGIC pastors of bishops passed away due to the disease. Several congregations have had multiple deaths. The fear of death and the fear of government combined to keepContinue reading “Stopping God From Reopening”