China’s Turn

Hard to remember since it’s been a couple of years. But before Russia invaded Ukraine, we’ve all said to watch Russia. China, as a result of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, has infuriated Xi, the president of the CCP, and for the last few days, intense landing exercises, missiles, an other military operation have taken place.Continue reading “China’s Turn”

Disaster Or Rebound?

There’s been a lot of argument and posturing about America. Will America ever rebound? Whether it’s poised for revival or poised for judgment. The answer is clear. If you look at the history of worldwide city revivals, many of them come and go. Awakenings. They come and go. It never remains consistent and lasts long.Continue reading “Disaster Or Rebound?”

Your Version Of Normal’s Not Coming

As the pandemic episode ended, many people weren’t returning to Christ or the church. It wasn’t what they’ve expected. Also, people are looking for a reason not to go back. The reasons vary. For instance, when the job market shifted. Cost of living is so high that it forced people to look for affordable housingContinue reading “Your Version Of Normal’s Not Coming”

End Time Revival

Years ago, many preachers have signaled that there would be a revival to end all revivals. Wide spread healings, signs, wonders, and miracles that would usher in more people into the kingdom of God BEFORE the rapture of the church. Many have used various Scriptures connected to the early and latter rain as revelatory indicatorsContinue reading “End Time Revival”

Coronavirus: The Aftermath.

The Coronavirus has tested the mettle of Americans and others around the world. Social distancing, masks, illnesses, death, economic struggles, and other obstacles. We’ve seen the best in people to the worst in people. Make no mistake about it, houses of worship have been hit too. Church leaders and parishioners have been affected, infected, andContinue reading “Coronavirus: The Aftermath.”