BLM/Antifa, No Different Than Locus.

From the deaths of Travon Martin to George Floyd, a homosexual group, known as Black Lives Matter have taken the lead in being the face of the racial unrest in the United States. Remember, Travon Martin? He was killed by a Hispanic, not a White man. And all of a sudden, another race war isContinue reading “BLM/Antifa, No Different Than Locus.”

The Negro Victim Card: Victim Or Victor?

Growing up as a kid too young to understand the Civil Right’s Movement, is a slight handicap until you look back and read history. Are you still singing songs like the “Negro National Anthem” or “We Shall Overcome?” Look carefully at the words and tell me if it squares with the Bible you claim toContinue reading “The Negro Victim Card: Victim Or Victor?”

What Will America Look Like After 2020?

Many people, saved and unsaved, are worried about the condition of the country leading up to the November 3rd presidential elections. Since 2015, we’ve seen an unprecedented attack to destroy this country. But the attempts to destroy this nation was well underway even before the Revolution. The Bible shows no clear record of where theContinue reading “What Will America Look Like After 2020?”