Unprecedented? Ignoring And Laying Aside The Constitution Of The United States

We’ve told you that this day was coming. The pandemic showed us to what degree each city, state, and the federal government would go to control people. Even sinners saw it coming. When they pass laws for gun control, they’ve told people that you can’t have a job without the jab, restricted everyone’s movement, toldContinue reading “Unprecedented? Ignoring And Laying Aside The Constitution Of The United States”

The Aftermath Of Roe’s Death

God uses people as He pleases. There’s no question that former president Trump and senator Mitch McConnell made it possible to set up the overturning of Roe. But it took 5 catholic justices to not look at the moral of the phantom precedent, but to look at the text of the Constitution and determined thatContinue reading “The Aftermath Of Roe’s Death”

The End Of Roe v Wade? Not So Fast.

What does it really mean? Well don’t get giddy about it. Some will, but this ruling only sets it right that the Constitution has no amendment in text, or history to establish the killing of babies as legal. Man may try to make it legal but it isn’t moral. Murder is immoral. Adultery and fornicationContinue reading “The End Of Roe v Wade? Not So Fast.”

Molech. King Of Abortion.

The word “crucible” means “cross, or trial by fire.” Crucible in Latin is “crux” where we get the word “cross.” Jesus said in Mark 8:34-35, “If any man desires to follow Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoeverContinue reading “Molech. King Of Abortion.”

Abortion & Mother’s Day

Where and when did Mother’s Day started? From Britannica…. “Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia, whose mother had organized women’s groups to promote friendship and health, originated Mother’s Day. On May 12, 1907, she held a memorial service at her late mother’s church in Grafton, West Virginia. Within five years virtually every state was observing the day, and in 1914 U.S.Continue reading “Abortion & Mother’s Day”

The Pending Death of Roe vs. Wade?

I’m not going to go into too much of the history of this landmark case. But the back drop is very basic. Nixon was in the WH. The Supreme Court was made up of Warren Burger, Republican. William Douglas, Democrat. William Brennan, Democrat. Potter Steward, Republican. Byron White, Democrat. Thurgood Marshall, Democrat. Harry Blackmun, Republican.Continue reading “The Pending Death of Roe vs. Wade?”

Raphael Warnock: He’s Complicit With Murder

Raphael Warnock, remember the name. He’s complicit with murdering babies in the womb. He believes that abortion, the deliberate intentional murder of an innocent baby is “consistent with Christianity,” but he never provided any Biblical reference to confirm that killing a baby is consistent with what Christ taught in the Scriptures. Proverbs 30:6 (NKJV Strong’s)Continue reading “Raphael Warnock: He’s Complicit With Murder”

Houses Of Prayer Are Still Den Of Thieves

It was an answer to prayer by God for Trump to declare houses of worship “Essential” where governors across the United States declared houses of worship non essential. Yet, in these same states, abortion was considered “essential.” Matthew 21:12-16 “Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought andContinue reading “Houses Of Prayer Are Still Den Of Thieves”

Minister, Activist, Politician, or All Three?

There’s thousands of ministers that wear many hats. I believe that there are very few that the Lord allows to engage in these areas in addition to their primary call by the Lord into the ministry. Then there are others that have no business engaging in other areas and make a big mess. In theContinue reading “Minister, Activist, Politician, or All Three?”