2016-2020 The Church & The Politics Of Our Times

Trump wasn’t supposed to lose. It’s like on paper, his re-elections is in the bag. But first…..make no mistake about, that many, including myself, were caught up in the politics of our times. For whatever reason, I vacillated, and straddled the fence. At one point, I didn’t want to have anything to do with politics,Continue reading “2016-2020 The Church & The Politics Of Our Times”

What Will America Look Like Post Trump?

The election isn’t over. The Trump campaign is still aggressively contesting the election. It appears that it will go to the SCOTUS. The merits of the case will hinge on vote tabulations. If you only look at dead people voting, though it may be important, or a small contingent of ballots that were fraudulently cast,Continue reading “What Will America Look Like Post Trump?”

The Battle Of Information

Confused? When it comes to the world of information, the world is confused. But the information and misinformation is deliberate. It’s calculated. Misinformation is everywhere. But the child of God that’s trained in the heart to discern the difference between what’s good and evil, right and wrong, lies, and the truth, will be able toContinue reading “The Battle Of Information”

When Christians Enter Disputes Of The World

It’s not about being a referee. When it comes to politics and other worldly issues, the righteous are caught in the middle. But there’s a constant warfare going on that is very spiritual in nature. We’ve talked more about the political wrangling for the last 3.5 years. The Body of Christ is off purpose andContinue reading “When Christians Enter Disputes Of The World”