Christian Nationalist To Semi Fascist

When it comes to describing a group or person, there’s no lost for words.

When Roe v Wade was remanded back to the states, the narrative of “activists” wasn’t enough.

A draft of the majority opinion penned by justice Alito was leaked. And that the word “abortion” isn’t in the text of the Constitution.

An assassination attempt of justice Kavanaugh, the racist vilification of justice Thomas, calling him an “Uncle Tom,” and the protests of conservative justices at their private residences.

Then came the 2A decision in the NYS Pistol and Rifle Association, eliminating “may issue” as the law against legal Americans from getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon for self protection.

Justice Thomas writing the opinion for the majority correctly stated “text, history, and tradition,” as the way to rule by the Constitution.

These two landmark rulings ended activism and as a result, conservatives are semi fascists.

Not all conservatives are true believers in Christ.

Since the president’s speech on September 1st in Philadelphia behind a darkened red background with two Marines, the rhetoric deepened against conservatives.

But when you add to the mix that you’re not against moderate Republicans that are “never Trumpers” to attempt to soften the blow or give the appearance that you’re not against ALL Republicans, it’s easy to see through the smoke.

Now the new narrative is domestic terrorists disrupted and interfered with the electoral vote on January 6 where 1 unarmed Iraqi War veteran was killed was worse than Al Qaeda hijacking planes to kill 3000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001.

What is a Christian?

A follower of Jesus Christ.

A believer that strictly adheres to the teachings of Christ after repentance from dead works (sin), and faith towards God through Jesus ALONE.

True Christians doesn’t trust in non believer politicians and politics. True Christians trust in God alone (see Jeremiah 17:5-10).

True Christians aren’t Biblically prohibited from participating in politics, so long as Christians doesn’t condone any lawlessness or associate to legislate laws that’s against the Scriptures, or practices lying, doesn’t steal, doesn’t use the name of the Lord in vain, doesn’t commit adultery, doesn’t covet, doesn’t condone all sexual sins including homosexuality, and knowingly participate or murder (abortion), practice deceit or practice any sin connected with sinners that don’t know the Lord.

What is a “nationalist.”

A person expressing legal, non violent patriotism while peacefully expressing pride for a nation.

One that lives according to the Constitution of the United States. One that lives by the rule of law, so long as such laws doesn’t violate the ultimate law, the Word of God.

A nationalist is expected to never violate the law, hate, or become disrespectful to legal and lawful authority.

Americans have the right to lawfully and legally vote for the person they support that lines up with Biblical values. And should a person win office that’s against Biblical values, Americans have the right to wait until the next election cycle to legally vote for the person of their choice again.

To act illegal and act out violently because of a fair or unfair, legal or illegally obtained outcome is unbecoming of a true Christian.

Just because there’s disappointment or disagreement, it doesn’t authorize any illegal action.

To advocate the burning of buildings, assaulting people, doing bodily harm to others for any reason, to use means that were once used legally to engage in intimidation to crush an opponent you don’t agree with goes against the Word of God. Anyone that professes to be a believer in Christ and support destruction is a brother to the destroyer called satan.

With or without the Constitution, an American has the right to legally, peacefully and non violently express dissent.

What is a Semi-fascist?

From Wikipedia….“Fascism’s extreme authoritarianism and nationalism often manifests as belief in racial purity or a master race, usually blended with some variant of racism or bigotry against a demonized “Other“, such as Jews.

Semi, obviously means smaller in size, but how do you reduce the size of a fascist? What if I called you “semi Black?

Now are there extremes?

No doubt, and it must never be minimized, or marginalized because there’s extreme Christians, extreme Democrats, extreme Republicans, extreme Independents.

Extreme is extreme. Over the top. Beyond measure. Exceeding boundaries.

What is extreme? “Furthest from the center.” Beyond reason and reasonable law.

That’s why the Bible isn’t extreme. The Word of God when adhered to and obeyed, it brings man back to his senses.

Sin is extreme. Righteousness and holiness is normal.

What is sin?

Sin is the deliberate and intentional defiance of the known will of God.

A true fascist doesn’t accept non violent peaceful dissent, or non violent peaceful freedom of speech. A true fascist views such non violence and peaceful dissent as an attack on their authority and will exercise their activities to squash such views.

True fascist will use every means (law enforcement/intelligence), necessary that’s available to suppress, censor, eliminate, and vilify anyone that speak the truth.

It’s important that we point these things out so that we get a true picture.

So when you make the narrative that Conservative Republicans are Christian Nationalists or Semi Fascists, it’s an attempt to lump everyone that is against a particular political narrative as the enemy. And every conservative isn’t a true Christian.

Just because one doesn’t vote the way you want them to vote, why be so mean to intimidate people to vote a certain way?

There’s got to be a reason. Right?

1 Timothy 6:10 (NKJV) “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…”

When money drives your actions, you’re serving money as god. And when someone interferes with money, they must be eliminated.

Power. Sex. Money.

But they’re all interconnected and one cannot live without the other.

If the other side wins, power, sex, (maybe), and money is severely hampered.

Starting with Revelation 17 and ending in chapter 19, power, sex, and money will come to an end.

And every event we see in the United States and abroad, is headed in this direction.

And no one in the flesh will stop how this will end.

How will it end?

The Lord Jesus Christ reigning as King of kings, and Lord of lords.

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