The Temple Mount

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel made a decision that some believe is the worst decision of his leadership.

The PLO is allowed to be on the Temple Mount during Ramadan to pray, but Jews and Christians are prohibited from praying on the Temple Mount. Some say that this is unprecedented. The factions and Muslims have assembled to throw rocks and other instruments at the Jews from the Al Aqsa Mosque area.

Inside this Mosque is a place of prayer for the Muslims but it’s also used as a place to assemble to physically hurt the Jews as they pray at the Western Wall, commonly called the Wailing Wall. The Western Wall is part of the retaining wall to support the Temple Mount.

In 1967, the Jews took over Jerusalem. It was in that war, the 6 day war that Israel took on and defeated, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. It was a stunning victory. However, they slipped by not going all the way in taking control of the entire area. The Jordanians have control of the Temple Mount as “custodians.”

All this for peace but what peace? Year after year, the Jews have consistently been in battle with the terrorists. This on going battle is a direct result of centuries of disobedience to the Lord. It culminated with the exile into Babylon for 70 years.

It would be during this disciplinary action the that Lord would institute the end time plan for Israel and the entire world.

The Jews long for the day when they would build their temple and worship God in accordance with the command that the Lord gave Moses. Solomon built a Temple and it was destroyed when the Chaldeans came and carried away Israel and Judah into Babylon.

During the Medes and Persian empire (Iran), Israel would return and rebuild the Temple and the Wall. Then it was destroyed and Herod’s Temple was erected. Then the Lord Jesus prophesied that the Temple would be destroyed (see Matthew 24:1-14).

The Romans destroyed the last Temple in AD 70, fulfilling Christ’s prophesy.

For close to 2000 years, there’s been no Temple for the Jews to worship in. Relegated to synagogues throughout the world, that’s the only place of worship allowed for Jews. A synagogue is just a place where Jews assemble to worship.

Muslims have mosques. Christians have churches. Jews have synagogues, but they have no Temple in Jerusalem.

With the prime minister’s decision to not allow Jews and Christians to pray just for the sake of issuing an olive branch, only underscores the fact that sooner or later, Israel will resolve to build a Temple. They will reach a place where “What do we have to lose?” and go for broke.

They will roll the dice. The will let the pieces fall where they lie. They will say that it’s worth it. They will gather the courage and build the Temple. It’s just a matter of time.

Now some will say that this would be a bad move because it would cause a war.

Israel has been trying to avoid a conflict.

Their technological advances of an Iron Dome, their laser technology, and other innovations is a clear indication that they know that hostilities will come. They know that war is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time.

Russia invaded Ukraine. Other Muslim factions have been at war for years. Afghanistan and Iraq. The decision to go to war to build their Temple will eventually be made but timing is everything. You just don’t decide to go to war, for war sake.

It’s a calculated decision.

Sooner or later, they will get a leader that will have backbone and say go for it.

No one wants a conflict. The Muslim world wants Jerusalem. And they have made no bones about it that they want Jerusalem. But to get it, they know that they have to fight Israel to get it. And Israel knows that they have to fight to defend it.

Since Haman in the Book of Esther (Purim), Hitler in WW2, the plan has always been to eliminate Israel. That’s why we hear so much about the unconditional complete elimination of Israel by many Muslims in the world.

But every nation that attempted to eliminate Israel has been met with defeat of themselves. Genesis 12 underscores this.

With regard to the prime minister, for him to make a decision to keep Jews and Christians from praying on the Temple Mount, and for the Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount during Ramadan, it may be a significant event. Then again, it may not.

To say something definitive, like this could signal the end of the dual prime ministership, or could it be the end or what fragile government Israel has is premature? We’ll have to wait and see the results, if any.

It could go in an unexpected direction and surprise everyone. Then again, nothing may happen.

Just keep watching and praying.

There’s so many events to unfold before we see something definitive.

But make no mistake about it.

God never lied. Every event that He planned came to pass.

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