What Does The Russian Invasion Mean?

Many have concluded that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a precursor to future invasions. Remember. Vladimir Putin had their Constitution changed so he would remain in power for 10 years.

So Putin’s on a time constraint unless the Lord demands his soul before his self imposed time limit is up (see Daniel chapter 5).

This is nothing other than Rosh, Meshech, Gog and Magog, and Tubal setting up according to Ezekiel 38 and 39.

If you’re only looking at it from a military or political perspective, and not from an end time Biblical perspective, the point will be missed.

Yes. Pray for Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Europe. And the Middle East. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan was pivotal. In the sense that it prevented shifting US troops into NATO. It was deliberate.

Yes. 3K troops were sent to bolster NATO but you’re looking at 190K Russian soldiers. Obviously, with 3K US troops plus other regional forces, it may seem underwhelming but the first objective is for Russia to secure Ukraine under Russian rule.

So first things first.

As Russian gains strength and NATO countries loose the will to fight, they will seek to enter into treaties that will give Russia a clear advantage and further Russian aggression will increase.

Remember. Biden has 3 years to go. In these 3 years, a lot could happen.

These are very exciting times.


Only the wise is understanding more about the end times (see Daniel 12:9-10). The wicked and the foolish have no desire to understand. The end time puzzle is forming and the last week of Israel’s 70th Week is to come.

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