Christians And Natural Immunity

The Lord knew that Adam would sin against Him. But God was gracious enough to design within the body of humans an immune system.

Religious exemption has its foundation, not in the Constitution of the United States, but in God’s design of the human body.

Doctors and scientists have all been marveled as to why death comes. Romans 5:12 answers that question.

I don’t have a science degree, nor am I a medical doctor, but listening to Rand Paul who is a doctor (ophthalmologist), schooled doctor Fauci and others on Charlie Victor One Niner.

If the public would just take a step back and listen to those in the medical field, and turn off the politicians that claim to follow the science, the mandates would be over in 1 minute.

Why it would be over in 1 minute?

The people will take a stand and no longer tolerate the lies. But because money is worshipped, and because people fear the government, it’s apparent that the lies will continue.

The CDC and doctors have all said that if a person had small pox, the small pox vaccine is unnecessary. The same is true with measles. Antibodies are developed and natural immunity, God’s brilliant design, does its work.

But no.

We listen to liars (see Romans 3:4) out of fear, propagated by knowledge-less politicians, or politicians that have knowledge, but they refuse to admit it for fear that their game to deceive the masses would be uncovered.

They work on fear and your ignorance and play them to their advantage. This is why religious exemption is fought because we know that the Creator gave us a gift of natural immunity.

The unvaccinated that may have had Charlie Victor One Niner have natural antibodies that now fight the disease. This is the science and the world doesn’t want you to follow this science (knowledge) because their science is better.

Science means “knowledge.”

Again, most conservatives that may not be known of the Lord don’t trust the CDC, FDA, local, state, and federal government. And it is certain that true believers that associate with conservatives, sure enough, don’t trust man (see Jeremiah 17:5-10).

It’s possible that as long as we remain ignorant, or we have knowledge, but we’re unwilling to confront the lies, and don’t fight against tyranny, the government will continue to lie to man to control man.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is confirmed facts that natural immunity was placed in us by God’s infinite wisdom, and is working.

Again, I will not look down upon you if you do or don’t take the vaccine.

Just don’t get mad at me for trusting God and His brilliant design.

You can see the senator Rand Paul questioning of the HHS secretary here.

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