Worldwide Decline Of COVID Cases. YouTube Censorship

First, WHO (World Health Organization) is reporting (if you trust them, which I DON’T) says that worldwide cases of COVID are declining.

If this is true, why get a vaccine?

Why target the unvaccinated?

It’s verified that the efficacy of the vaccine has declined and boosters are issued to bolster the 1st vaccine that won’t protect against the current strain of Covid. Then you have adverse affects of the virus, where people get, from mild symptoms to other serious, life threatening issues.

Second, YouTube is censoring any videos posting the dangers associated with the vaccine. All in an attempt to make the vaccine look 100% safe.

In the US, half of the population is vaccinated with at least 1 dose. But booster shots is the next level. The other half of the US made a personal decision NOT to get vaccinated for personal reasons.

The purpose of the censorship is the attempt to eliminate misinformation so as to lure the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. But the smart unvaccinated people aren’t fooled by what these people are doing.

Your decision to NOT get vaccinated is YOUR BUSINESS.

Don’t be bullied into taking something that may have long term adverse affects.

Just tell government……..


If cases are declining, and vaccines can’t be 100% fully trusted, when the vaccinated are getting Covid, and when 99% of people that get Covid recover, why get the vaccine?

Follow your trusted non partisan doctor and make an informed decision.

However, it’s none of anyone’s business whether you’re vaccinated or not.

Regarding YouTube censorship, we understand that misinformation exists, but the truth exists. If the vaccine makers have nothing to hide, and because getting to the bottom of what’s in these vaccines is a problem, why should we trust them?

Even if you put them under oath, the world will lie to you just to get you to be vaccinated.

But look at what may happen to you down the road.

So don’t get mad at me because I tell you……….


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