The End Of The US Constitution

Daniel 2:36-45 indicates that 4 world powers will pass before the beast system be established, and then the everlasting kingdom of Christ manifests for 1000 years.

These four kingdoms were Babylon, Medes and Persians, Greece, and Rome.

Throughout the world, there’s a semblance of the Roman style of government that comprises of a House, Senate, and ruler, prime minister, chancellor, or president. In some form or another, the majority of countries have similar forms of government along with a judicial system to uphold the laws created by a democratic society.

For the most part, there’s two kinds of governments in the world.

Communist or socialism, and a republic form of government.

The economic system differs as well. With socialism, this form of government takes most, if not, all of your income and uses it as they see fit, or the currency isn’t worth the paper that’s printed.

With the republic form of government, free enterprise capitalism exists.

As I was watching NTD Business, United Airlines will fire 600 employees because they’ve chosen not to be vaccinated. All new employees MUST be vaccinated. All new airline pilots MUST be vaccinated.

In NYC, religious and medical exemptions is no longer accepted. Of course, few cases will be accepted because they want to show that they’re not completely against religious and medical exemptions.

In the United States, the Democrats found a way to control elections. 2020 is the worst because elections in the past have had elections where all sorts of unsavory operations took place, but 2020 was the worst.

But also we see that the judicial system is just a place where on paper, rule of law exists, but the rule of law is never practiced. It used to be a place where you would get relief but not anymore. Before everyone’s eyes, the Constitution is just a historical document, not the rule of law.

Thousands of people are being forced to take the vaccination and the courts, some of them, for now, are siding with these governments.

Your personal preference NOT to get vaccinated is no longer considered.

Your constitutional rights no longer exists.

When 9/11 took place, we’ve should have known that it was more than terrorists attacking the US. It opened the door for the US to attack its own citizens.

When Homeland Security and the airports’ TSA took shape, it was under the “in your face” of “to protect your freedom, you must lose your freedom.”

Obviously, terrorists have used means and methods to enter the United States, but they’ve found the vulnerable spots called the northern Canadian border and the southern Mexican border.

During the Obama administration, the FBI were tracking terrorists in all 50 states. So if you close or surveil your border to prevent terrorists from entering, it’s clear that prevention isn’t the goal. The important terrorists have been caught, but the ones that aren’t important are being tracked in the US.

But what’s worse is that when Trump was in office, the apparatus that was designed to track terrorists, was used against Trump. But it doesn’t make Trump a saint because all of the things that we’re experiencing regarding the vaccine, came from the Trump administration.

What is this really about?

The decline of America.

Spending beyond your means used to be taboo. Ask anyone. If you make $10,000 a year, can you pay back 10 million dollars in debt?

It’s never going to happen.

So it is with the United States.

Especially when Americans are cornered into taking a vaccine that doesn’t work, they refuse to take it and are forced out of the work place. To collect taxes, one has to work, but if they’re not working, how will you collect taxes?

Tax the rich to pay their “fair share?”

Tax corporations to pay “their fair share?”

How can they pay any share if the means to work and collect taxes is taken away.

And when they show up in court, no relief is given.

So what is this?

A destruction of the nation to usher in the great tribulation period.

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