What To Look For With Biden/Harris

The Trump administration gave the land a pause in the agenda of the Democrats and RINO’s. The 2020 election wasn’t without controversy. Heavy controversy. MSM and social media has done a job not to report the obvious.

And it worked.

A vast majority of Americans had information kept from them or if information was accessed, the spin machine would be in full swing. Any story to rebuff the truth is crucial because if the mind gets access to the truth, a person has to make a critical decision.

Either to accept the truth or ignore it.

I believe a combination of the two were at work.

They know the truth but they choose to ignore it.

The resumption of the agenda is underway. It’s also known as The Great Reset.

In June 2015, homosexual marriage became the law of the land. The Obama administration was successful in protecting abortion and pushing homosexuality, which included transgenderism. Males can go to women’s bathroom if they believe they’re a woman.

It’s not enough that they’ve received a law of the land to use marriage to normalize sin. The objective has always been to get true believers to comply or be penalized. Much like when Mishael, Azariah, and Hananiah were compelled to comply with a law to bow down to a gold statue of Nebuchadnezzar when the music played.

They refused and the penalty was the burning fiery furnace.

They survived when the Son of God came into the fire with them.

So we need to be prepared for the move to impose serious restrictions and penalties on true believers to comply with homosexuality and transgenderism. In fact, the states and employers are all in agreement on this already.

You’re subjected to “Indoctrination Courses” as mandatory sensitivity training to be employed. Such training will use subtle language to get true believers to surrender their “deeply held” Biblical beliefs. When jobs are scarce, this tactic will be used to ensure you comply because you’re in dire need of a job.

When unemployment numbers are high, sadly, some people will cave in to the demands of the indoctrination requirement and comply. Complying with unreasonable and anti Biblical positions demands that you compromise your relationship with the Lord. Which is exactly what satan wants.

It’s also known that faith based organizations will be compelled to employ people that live sinful lifestyles. Already, we’ve seen what could happen if you refuse to comply. As soon as you employ people, you will be directly affected. You will not be allowed to hide behind the 1st Amendment. And should you resist, they will bring the full weight of their law upon you to compel you to comply or suffer.

How will the Biden/Harris administration treat Israel?

Already, we’ve seen a premature signal for the US ambassador to Israel. A tweet was sent where it said US Ambassador To Israel, Gaza & West Bank. It wasn’t by accident. Luke 12:2 will never fail.

The Iranian nuclear agreement is pivotal to this agenda to force Israel to give land to the Palestinians for peace. Genesis 12 makes a 2 state solution untenable.

Also, the 2 state solution may include a prohibition to build the 3rd and final Temple for the Jews which must be built for the end times to be fulfilled. The Jews are expecting the Messiah to return. The 3rd Temple must be in place. The Palestinians are the only group of people in the way of this. Of course, you have Jordan as the administrator over the Temple Mount, but there’s been growing resistance and there may be a conclusion of the Palestinians and Jordanians in the very very near future.

Iran is looking to annihilate Israel but this, too, is premature and will fail. Iran would do well to remember what happened to Iraq in 1981. Then Turkey, to the north (keep in mind kings of the north) is looking to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. Russia to the north/north east is a clear instigator to the region. Syria and Lebanon are weak players but will resurge in power but perhaps in a consolidated manner, influenced by Iran.

China is looking to resume the Obama/Biden relationship where intellectual property was stolen in plain sight, currency manipulation, loss of US jobs so China and other countries are employed. Then there’s a return to oil dependence to the Middle East. The Climate Change Globalism agenda. With COVID, impose fierce restrictions such as vaccination or you can’t fly, ride trains, enter certain buildings, and other restrictions.

There will be another plague for Jesus told us in Matthew 24.

There will be other distractions (racism) to keep our eyes off of these two agendas.

We must be disciplined enough not to get distracted, otherwise, we’ll miss the big picture.

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