Social Media Eunuchs: Managing Your Social Media Habits, Patterns, And Cycles.

Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ are challenged like never before with social media.

In an instant we could connect to people without ever seeing them. But now, we have Zoom, and other networks to connect to people without getting a building.

Some will agree and disagree with it’s uses, but the Bible is never caught off guard with man’s will to connect when using social media or other means.

The commission is still the same regardless of the invented methods of man.

Mark 16:15
“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Now does it include the Internet?


You could be in another part of the world and still reach a person anywhere in the world with these devices. However, if we just relegate our reaching of people to just one medium, we’re short circuiting the original intent of God’s way to interact with men.

Some of us remember when the Lord spoke to our hearts.

He didn’t use a phone, cellphone, iPhone or iPad.

He may have used people on these devices to gain our attention, but when it comes to the Lord speaking to our hearts, He does so directly.

God knew that these devices would come on the scene, so let’s not assume that the Lord isn’t with the times we’re living in today.

Some of us could remember how we would socially connect.

In fact, the way we’ve connected in the past, before computers, remain the same.

We still gather at homes, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, sports arenas, local houses of worship, and other places, but have you ever noticed yourself looking down at your phone, or pad devices while carrying on in a conversation?

Distracted socializing.

It underscores that our habits, patterns, and cycles have been altered to include answering the call to look at our devices.

We just can’t help it.

You could be at a movie theater, church, sports arena, driving, and your attention is on the phone.

In fact, and I’m guilty of this, you could be in the same house and instead of getting up, you text. The thing about this though, is sometimes they don’t get the text and I wondered why?

They’re on the phone talking or texting to someone else with the notifications on or deliberately cut off. Or their phone is in the deep part of the bag.

Distracted living.

But what COVID has done is force everyone to seek information on the Internet. Being that it’s the fastest means of gaining information.

It’s also the place where we get off our chest grievances, complaints, dislikes or hatred, and other things.

From a click of the mouse, we could engage in all sorts of things.

It’s the most intoxicating thing ever invented.

Apps or applications is still a developing technology because we all know plenty of apps that will never get it perfect.

Doesn’t it sound like everything we humans do?

It’s clear that millions are dissatisfied with our drive for information on our devices, and what it has done to disconnect us from people while connecting us to people.

It’s the irony of the day.

Detoxing is very difficult because once you get into a daily routine of picking up any handy devices, in an instant, we could connect to hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of people.

It’s the one place where if you’re not connected, you’re missing out on the latest news, gossip, misinformation, slander, false accusations, fake news, fake people, and other sorts of things that catch our attention.

The first thing on the road to detox is to acknowledge that we have a clear and present problem, and then seek to change habits.

If we deny that we have a problem, we’ll never shift into making changes. It’s almost impossible with cellphones because these devices is deigned with features that the makers deliberately implemented so that you CAN’T do without it.

We all love our jobs. We love what we do. But we all know that it’s always bad co workers, and rude bosses that make the job we love extremely and intolerably difficult.

So what we should be doing is avoid people that we know are very difficult because now that these devices of convenience really helps in our productivity, it’s certain people that need to be avoided while we’re on these devices.

It’s true that “certain people” are an obvious nuisance, but some of us are just as much a nuisance as the ones we’re trying to avoid.

The Internet, depending upon where you go, are like cities we visit. There’s certain cities we like, and there’s other cities that we avoid after experiencing the people that are in that city.

Ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ have tapped into getting on social media. Potentially reaching 10’s of millions of people. You start with a few people, and depending upon what you offer, you could get hundreds, and then thousands, and then millions.

When it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ, ministers are called by the Lord to go into all the world and preach the gospel. However, even Jesus said that some cities that you go into will reject you.

It’s rather difficult to 100% detox from our devices because when you do your banking, your studying, you information gathering, it’s all designed to be seamlessly interconnected.

However, if you remain focused or targeted with what you do on your devices, and not yield to the enticements deliberately designed to gain your attention, detoxing specific aspects of the Internet could be achieved.

Detox is short for detoxification, and it means “a regiment or treatment intended to remove toxins and impurities from the body.”

In the same manner, this process could be applied to other areas of the make up of man.

We were all convinced of the ability to connect quickly to information. But this quick connections also has the ability to gain access to other features that are purposely designed to get the attention of our preferences.

In closing. Proverbs 4:23 is the way we need to manage our time on these devices. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.”

You should choose wisely whether to manage your time on social media, or do a complete abstinence of social media.

If you intend to remain on social media, it’s all about managing where we go on the Internet. To completely detox from people is never the goal. It’s about managing which involves developing good discernment habits, patterns, and cycles.

However, some people will choose to be social media eunuchs.

Others will scarcely appear, and then depart for a season.

Others will remain social media junkies.

Ultimately, you have to choose what’s best for you.

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