BLM/Antifa, No Different Than Locus.

From the deaths of Travon Martin to George Floyd, a homosexual group, known as Black Lives Matter have taken the lead in being the face of the racial unrest in the United States.

Remember, Travon Martin? He was killed by a Hispanic, not a White man. And all of a sudden, another race war is underway. Even with understanding the facts.

But is there racial unrest?

When Blacks are afforded more education opportunity, employment, and a voice in politics on all three levels, local, state, and federal IN HISTORY, we see that BLM is basically a nuisance. Racial unrest is the tool most used to split Americans from one another.

In comes Antifa. A group of confused individuals, bent on anarchy and lawlessness. They’re not to be underestimated. They’re very well organized. They have a solid command and control structure. They can mobilize quickly and deploy rapidly where they need to make a statement. They’ll take advantage of every weakness and exploit it to their advantage.

The work of Civil Rights in the 50’s and 60’s leveled the playing field for Blacks that were once known as 2nd Class citizens, and in most cases, not even worthy to be half a human. But even before then, the CIVIL WAR.

Once the Union subdued the Confederacy, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments paved the way to eliminate inequality. If it weren’t about slavery and pulling Blacks out of its inequality, there would be no need for these new Amendments.

It wasn’t that long ago when Blacks took to PEACEFUL protests to move the inequality off the continent of America. Using the Constitution as the tool to awaken people, the quest to eliminate inequality was underway.

But behind the scenes, the true believers sought the Lord.

Much like what Israel had done for 430 years before the exodus out of Egypt.

But our deliverance is in Christ and we don’t need a “Black leader” to be a voice to represent Black people. The Lord is all we need. Respectfully, not another MLK or anyone of that caliber (see Jeremiah 17:5-10).

In the 90’s, we see that these Amendments, at the very least, the 14th and 15th Amendments, were hijacked by homosexuals and abortionist back in the 70’s.

More of our people were killed by the abuse of these Amendments than those that were killed during the Middle Passage and lynching from 1640 COMBINED.

Since Roe v. Wade, over 17 million Black babies were murdered in the womb, keeping the national Black population at 13%. With homosexuality, more Black men would acquire HIV/AIDS, as well as never becoming a husband, further decimating any chance of raising a family. Yet, BLM will not deal with this disparity, in addition to the most despicable disparity of Black on Black violence.

If BLM/Antifa were a legitimate voice of protesting against racial disharmony, they would have long ago, pointed out the one place where deaths of Black people needed to be protested against.

As a result, they’re just a bunch of locust. Looking to destroy another city.

The combination of these things (homosexuality and abortion) is just another form of killing Black people.

According the Jesus, satan is a murderer from the beginning (see John 8:44).

Blame can be laid everywhere, but when your premier Civil Rights leaders of today and organizations refuse to sound the alarm and recover from these hideous acts, they capitulate and turn a blind eye. The payment of all forms of money to keep them silent and the threat to shut down the money that they silently receive is enough to secure their silence.

Blacks will never “OVERCOME” on their watch in the natural.

But when people come alive in Christ, they can’t stop God.

It’s only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that people can turn from natural means to gain victory to walk victorious. Remember, Jesus did all the work.

On His cross, He said “It is finished.”

When you come to Christ, BLM/Antifa is finished.

What’s happened is that some of the houses of worship is overrun with its own sinfulness and with a refusal to see the truth of the Word, they surrender to lies. Afraid to confront the injustices within its own houses of worship for fear of being attacked and persecuted, SOME houses of worship are no better than a bar.

And when someone from the true houses of worship sound the alarm, they’re vilified as out of touch and persecuted.

BLM has showed up at houses of worship. Their threat to do violence is known, but some places and pastors are standing up to them.

Large swarms of locust have been reported in the plains of Africa and the Middle East. I took note of them and saw that BLM just is like them.

The joining up of BLM and Antifa only underscores the seriousness of the hour.

But the Lord will not allow them to prevail. Their defeat is already in motion.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.”

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