The Negro Victim Card: Victim Or Victor?

Growing up as a kid too young to understand the Civil Right’s Movement, is a slight handicap until you look back and read history.

Are you still singing songs like the “Negro National Anthem” or “We Shall Overcome?”

Look carefully at the words and tell me if it squares with the Bible you claim to live by.

The founders of the NAACP had other than Blacks as founders of the once prestigious organization.

According to Wikipedia….”The NAACP was founded on February 12, 1909, by a larger group including African Americans W. E. B. Du BoisIda B. WellsArchibald GrimkéMary Church Terrell, and the previously named whites Henry MoskowitzMary White OvingtonWilliam English Walling(the wealthy Socialist son of a former slave-holding family.”

Growing up, I had always thought that the original founders were all Black. But reading the history, we see that it’s not the case. I assumed when I should have done my due diligence.

Much like finding out today (7/2/20) that Christopher Columbus sailed 4 voyages. All of which went to the South Western Hemisphere called today as South America and the Caribbean. It’s determined that he never made it to the North Hemisphere of America.

Much like finding out that “Martin Waldseemüller, a German. Occupation: Cartographer (one that draws and produces maps).Movement German Renaissance c. 1470 – 16 March 1520) was a German cartographer and humanist scholar. Sometimes known by the Latinized form of his name, Hylacomylus, his work was influential among contemporary cartographers. He and his collaborator, Matthias Ringmann, are credited with the first recorded usage of the word America to name a portion of the New World in honour of the Italian explorer……………….Amerigo Vespucci.”

Much like finding out that Amerigo Vespucci sailed 4 voyages disputed to be 1497 to 1503

Amerigo Vespucci?”

(9 March 1454 – 22 February 1512) was an Italian merchant, explorer, and navigator from the Republic of Florence, from whose name the terms America and Americas are derived.” He too, had 4 voyages from 1499 to 1503.

Two Italians, Columbus and Vespucci, gathered the courage to explore the Western Hemisphere and when maps were created in 1507, early maps showed that Martin Waldseemüller, a German and Matthias Ringmann named the region the two Italians discovered after Amerigo. America or the Americas.

All across the US, they’re tearing down statues. I get it that there are some things that need to be pulled down, but there’s a peaceful process to accomplish the removing statues.

But with Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci, we see that without their courage to navigate to the West, we might have gotten here eventually, but they’ve paved the way. And you may take their statues down, but you can’t reach back into 1492-1503 to erase history.

Archibald Grimké, Black (Born into slavery)

Mary Church Terrell, Black

Henry Moskowitz, Jewish

Mary White Ovington, White

William English Walling White

This dispels the myth that I assumed about the NAACP founded by Blacks ONLY.

But today, the NAACP is a crooked organization not worthy of its history. It agrees with homosexuality and abortion. In essence, they’re a rogue organization complicit with the murder of millions of babies in the womb and on our streets.

We can and must come from the Biblical perspective. We’ve sat in church, many of us for years, but we never accepted what the Bible says about the true believer’s place in Christ. And what we’ve done is that we do church service, but no Biblical living.

Every time we see Blacks killed, we put down the Scriptures and play the victim. Blacks are trained to assume the role of the victim and this is what the homosexuals used as a tactic to get their agenda across.

If you make yourself out to be the victim, people will be sympathetic to your cause. And when you call them out on their tactic, their next play in the playbook is to call you a racist, a bigot, and a hater. Calling the truth about the vile disgusting and nasty activities of homosexuality as “hate speech.”

Once they menace you and bully you, you capitulate and backdown from telling them “the truth in love.”

So what we do is that we forget the God that we serve, put on the clothing of the victim, and demand that action be done. But what’s happened? Another incident occurs and we end up doing the same thing. We forget the Scriptures and the God that gave us the Scriptures.

The work of Civil Rights was clearly a movement that made things happen but if you really look at it, the politicians used it to their advantage. This leaves us always as the victim.

When Israel was in Egypt for 430 years, Israel was multiplying and the new Pharaoh perceived it as a threat to his nation. He imposed slavery upon the nation of Israel and Pharaoh decided to kill all the males, 2 years and under. God hid Moses in the house of his killer, and God raised him up to lead the children of Israel out.

AFTER the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, Moses was raised to lead Israel out.

For decades after the Civil War, it’s always been about reducing the numbers of Black people.

One person posted on FB about Charles Barkley saying that the only time politicians come to the Black communities is every 4 years, looking for votes. But the response is that if they keep coming back to the Black communities for your vote, and you vote them back into office, the issue of Black disparities won’t stop if you keep putting them back into office.

Never mind how dumb politicians are. Be mindful of dumb people that keep sending them to Washington, our state and local offices. Nothing is done, or there’s a complete ignorance with pacifist, impotent legislation that keeps the cycle going against people.

We put them back into office because we don’t understand the power of replacing them with politicians that don’t take you for granted. The moment that you replace them is when they will pay attention not to disrespect you. So, more killings of Blacks by our own people will continue to kill. More shootings. More abortions.

This has got to stop? How?

“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God,”

If people refuse to come to Christ according to Matthew 11:28-29, it will NEVER stop.

That’s what’s killing us. And our numbers remains the same. We make up 13% of the American population because our numbers of killing our own people is consistent.

The Civil Rights Movement was hijacked by homosexuals. BLM is a homosexual founded group that is in an alliance with Antifa. And where does this leave us? As the victim. And people that claim to be believers reveal who they really are when you see them march with BLM, singing “We Shall Overcome,” when the Bible is clear about “We have been made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ.”

Either we believe the Bible or we don’t. The reason why we don’t believe the Word is because we believe that if we portray ourselves as victims, the world will pay attention to us. We set God and His Word aside and never get out of the prison that the enemy planned for us.

If we ever return to the Word and call on God in faith, we can never use the Negro Victim Card ever again. But as long as we remain a victim, the god of this world will never let you go.

Yes, it took the children of Israel 430 years to get out of the house of bondage, but they did get out.

When we call on the Lord out of a pure heart, as genuinely saved believers, God will relieve us.

Unless we get rid of the Negro Victim Card and use our faith to call on God, then we remain the victim when we’re already, through Christ, victors.

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