Coronavirus: Reopening America & Houses Of Worship

The beaches on Memorial Day 2020 were filled with people. The reopening of America is now officially in the books. Some of the governors have tried to extend the lockdown orders due to a fear of a spike in new coronavirus cases.

It’s clear that the nation is not out of the woods but at the same time, deaths are on the decline. A serious decline. But it’s not good news. It’s still bad news because any death reported for any reason is bad news.

There’s this misconception that death will stop. There’s also a call for vaccines. The word is out, whether by conspiracy theories or otherwise that a vaccine will be mandatory. Forced vaccines. Should you refuse, you would be placed under a 14 day stay at home quarantine.

There’s other plans but to discuss conspiracy theories only adds to the fear that’s already present. Doctors are concerned about a spike. With Americans acting like Americans, it’s clear that guidelines and directives will be less abided by Americans.

The threat of fines, incarceration, and other methods are not working.

I said all this because we see that true houses of worship are affected.

But we’re seeing that a couple of weeks ago, hundreds of pastors are opening up houses of worship. Many of them are following federal and state guidelines and directives to keep people relatively safe during worship services.

The hypocritical acts is clear. Walmart and other places are open for people with these guidelines and directives carefully followed, while houses of worship remain closed.

Houses of worship didn’t need the president to override governors. All pastors need to do was open for service while following guidelines and directives.

Persecution is part of the territory. Fines, incarceration, and other forms of maltreatment is to be expected. Even should you follow to the letter all guidelines and directives.

One pastor put it correctly. This was a dry run to see how far government would go to interfere with houses of worship.

Now that they know, the next time we’re faced with a crisis in the United States, the rules will change and more stringent deterrents wil be implemented.

Acts 5:29 is clear. There’s a difference between persecution and pestilence. Nonetheless, I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Head of His Church, expects us to obey Him, even in the face of persecution, incarceration, and death.

Romans 14:10-13 tells us that we will render an account.

There will be two types of pastors and believers. The obedience ones, and the disobedient ones. We can’t afford to be disobedient to the Lord and obedient to man. Many will argue but argue if you must. You WILL render an account, either way.

What will you and I do the next time we’re faced with this type or even a much more different type of crisis?

Let’s be firm in our commitment to honor the Lord. We’ve learned a lot of lessons. The world did too.

Remember. We serve at the pleasure of our Lord. While I disagree with outright rebellion against authority when authority is right, but when authority is wrong, attempts to suppress the freedom to worship the Lord freely, and decides to attack His local assembly, we must resolve to be faithful and true to the Lord.

No matter the cost.

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