It’s a serious question.

But it’s a question asked only when trouble comes our way.

A wife and mother loses her husband and son within a 3 day span to coronavirus.

This is not the time to assume that she was living in sin. Neither is it appropriate to say that husband and son was living in sin. We don’t know everything like the Lord does. But these things happen. They may very well all have been living the way the Lord instructed them to live. (See Isaiah 57:1-2)

More on this latter.

You see, while we live our lives when nothing is going on, we hate those “rude” interruptions.

You know. Those inconvenient episodes that hurts.

Coronavirus hits and then in the south, heavy winds and tornadoes all over the south.

Where is God?

We don’t ask this question when we don’t need Him.

We only ask this question when we absolutely need Him. We get religion real quick because when the events that shake our lives come, we go to One Person to explain it, or to get Him to help us through it.

But let’s look at the way we’ve treated Him.

Did we spend time before Him when He called us? We know that it’s time to pray but do we shrug Him off when He tugs at our heart?

Do we get what we want and then after we get it, do we walk away from Him?

Like the prodigal son?

Father, give me what’s mine. The Father gives it. And we splurge it on parties, prostitutes, and other things. No time for prayer to the Father. No time to get into His Word. No time to worship Him.

Plenty of time to worship ourselves.


Where is God?

Then, like the prodigal son, famine hits the land. The most trying times of our lives takes us by surprise.

We’ve spent all of our inheritance, and wasted it all away because we thought that what the Father gave us would last us forever. We all thought that there’s no need to store up. To be about the Father’s business. We lose self control, discipline, and prudence.

Where is God?

We thought that we could curse coronavirus. Send it into the sea. Speak to it and it would go away.

Where is God?

The answer is simple.

God never left.

Just like the Israelites at Shiloh.

The Philistines come to destroy you, and you go out to battle, only to lose 7000 men. Then you get the Ark of the Covenant. Assembled the praise and worship singers in front of the Ark, shout with an earthshaking shout, go out to battle the Philistines, and lose 30,000, PLUS the Ark was taken.

They did all this with sin in the camp. When you’re delirious and in denial, the Lord uses earth shattering events to shake us out of being delirious and in denial.

Then, why did all this calamity (coronavirus) come upon us?

Why did God allow all this trouble to happen?

Why did God allow me to lose my job?

What happened?

The answer is simple.

Matthew 24:7.

No one is exempt.

This isn’t good enough, you will say. I need a better answer than this.

Job went through the same dilemma.

His family was hit with whirlwinds, lightening, earthquakes, with the loss of life and material wealth. But Job knew God enough not to curse God when bad things happened to him.

Then, if it’s not one thing, it’s another………boils on his flesh.

Job wasn’t moved to curse God and die in both instances.

God already told satan about the quality of Job’s relationship with God.

“Blameless and walks upright. One the fears God and shuns evil.”

And Job’s religious friends weren’t helpful either.

We all have people in our houses of worship that are “well intentioned” people just like Job’s friends. Almost no house of worship DOESN’T have these kinds of friends.

They’re the spiritual experts that know everything about you, including all your business. With “friends” like the ones Job had, who needs enemies?

In fact, all of Job’s friends were completely convinced that Job sinned and God was punishing Job for his sins. They were 100% wrong.

Why? Because of what God knew and said about Job to satan…………..

“Blameless and walks upright. One the fears God and shuns evil.”

Yes, Job questioned God. Job wanted an audience with the Lord to ask the Lord what sin did he commit to have had these things come upon him.

Yet, in all that…………

Where was God?

Right there. God was with Job all the time.

And, to boot, Job still had his life.

The question that really need to be asked is………….

Where are you?

Or even more……….

Where will you be when this is over?

Back to business as usual?

You got what you wanted from God.

Your job back. In fact, with much better pay. A new car, house, apartment.

Better food. Plenty of good looking clothes. Now that you got what you wanted.

The Lord gave you relief from your problems.

Will you serve the Lord the same way?

Or will you be making the changes that the Lord told you to make weeks ago?

Will your worship of God be the same? Will the quality of your relationship with the Lord be the same? Will God be marveled that you lingered in His presence and His Word? Will you pay more attention to be disciplined and diligent to obey the commandments of the Lord? Will you give the Lord quality praise and worship?

Will you put away the lying, the stealing, and the lusting of the flesh to satisfy yourself sexually?

So, when the next thing happen, will you still ask the Lord “Where are you?”

Or when interruptions come again, will you ask the question……….

Where am I?”

Published by The Minister's Crucible

The Minister's Crucible is designed to inform the Body of Christ about the inner workings of the ministry. The word Crucible from Latin, is "crux" where we get the word "cross" from. It also means a "metal container" where metals and other substances are melted or are subjected to higher temperatures, put to the temperature test. The Lord Jesus said "If any man desires to follow after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me." Let's take up our cross and follow Him.

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